A frame


These A-frame frames are used either indoors or outdoors and can hold 2 signs. They are typically used in neighborhood areas and walbys to promote special deals.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Clients should buy two 4mm Coroplast signs separately that are either 18" X 24" or 36 X 24" and then buy the frame separately. The 4mm Coroplast signs will slide into the frame's internal holding area. Make sure signs are prepared to take into consideration arrows guiding them to a specific direction or area.


Product Specs

Sizes: 18" (h) X 24" (w), 36 (h) X 24" (w)
 Metal black
Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 10
Finishing: Packaged
2-3 business days. Shipping time depends on shipping method and location.

Special Instructions: Does not include actual signage. Size refer to the size if the sign that would fit into frame. Full size frame is: 24" X 24", 42" X 24"


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